Optimal Bone Generation

Cem-Ostetic® is a neutral pH bone putty that contains calcium-based biocompatible calcium salts that have been used for decades in orthopedic surgery. These materials are often used to provide an additional source of bone to help the patient heal faster. Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials, Inc. formulates the chemistry and microstructure to enhance bone regeneration, provide optimal osteo-conduction and reduce the time for the bone to regain its full health. Cem-Ostetic®'s unique putty formula sets up quickly with marginal exothermic reaction (less than 4C).

Cem-Ostetic® is available in Putty, Injection Kit, Granules and Block. For further information, please refer to our Catalog.


Common use of Cem-Ostetic®

  • Joint reconstruction
  • Spinal fusion
  • Hand and foot surgery
  • Fracture repair

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Case Studies

The Cases Studies (A2 to A8) introduce the treatment using Cem-Ostetic® Putty and the postoperative results in patients from 13 to 78-year-old presenting bone defect, lesion or fractures.
Those cases demonstrate the potential for use of Cem-Ostetic® Putty as a bone graft substitute: excellent incorporation, consolidation and remodeling of Cem-Ostetic® Putty until full healing.


Safe and Biocompatible

  • Easy to use – Quick to prepare (5 minutes)
  • 100% Synthetic (Calcium Salts Scaffold, including nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite)
  • 100% Resorbable and Effective (three to four months in animal tests and clinical studies)
  • Osteoconductive, biocompatible and neutral pH
  • Safe, sterilized by Gamma irradiation
  • FDA K053213 Clearance Letter:
    * download FDA Summary Statement for Cem-Ostetic® Putty.
    * download FDA Summary Statement for Cem-Ostetic® Granules and Blocks.






Cem-Ostetic® Granules: 3D structure


Cem-Ostetic® Block: 2D structure









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