GenerOs™Granules - Instruction for Use


GenerOs™ is composed of beta-tricalcium phosphate (TCP). TCP has been the topic of extensive clinical studies for several decades. GenerOs™ is safe and has excellent biocompatibility. After it is implanted, the implant resorbs and is later replaced by natural bone. GenerOs™ is a natural choice for sparing patients the trauma of autograft harvesting. It also provides a safe alternative to human or animal cadaver bone that completely eliminates the potential for disease transmission.



GenerOs™ is an osteoconductive bone substitute shaped as granules (cancellous, cortical or cortico-cancellous) that are intended to be used to fill voids and gaps that are not intrinsic to the stability of the bone structure. These gaps or voids may be located in the extremities, spine, pelvis, or cranium.

The granules may be pressed into the void or into the surgical site by hand. The GenerOs™ granules provide void filling material that acts as a temporary support medium. The granules are not intended to provide structural support during the healing process. The implant is radio-opaque. GenerOs™ is biocompatible and resorbs in the body as bone ingrowth occurs.



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