Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials was founded in 1996 and manufactures high-quality, cost-effective skeletal repair resorbable biomaterials. The company offers the entire range of biologics from synthetic ceramics, collagen, to human allografts. Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials is a licensed Tissue Bank that is accredited by the AATB. Synthetics: the Ostetic product family is based on nano-crystalline hydroxyapatite (HAP) and purified collagen technologies. These products are engineered to optimize resorption rate and combine calcium salts and bovine collagen. They are available in granule, block, flexible strips, and injectable putty formulations. These products were introduced to both overseas and the U.S. markets more than a decade ago.

The company also provides pure human allograft products (e.g. demineralized bone matrix putty, crush-mix, sponge, cancellous chips).

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