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H-GENIN™ Demineralized Bone Matrix Putty and Crush-Mix
HG-00P: H-GENIN™ Putty, 0.5cc
HG-01P: H-GENIN™ Putty, 1cc
HG-02P: H-GENIN™ Putty, 2.5cc
HG-05P: H-GENIN™ Putty, 5cc
HG-10P: H-GENIN™ Putty, 10cc
HG-01C: H-GENIN™ Crush-Mix, 1cc
HG-02C: H-GENIN™ Crush-Mix, 2.5cc
HG-05C: H-GENIN™ Crush-Mix, 5cc
HG-10C: H-GENIN™ Crush-Mix, 10cc
H-GENIN™ Demineralized Bone Matrix Sponge
DBM-080808SS: Demineralized Cancellous Sponge, 8mmx8mmx8mm
DBM-101010SS: Demineralized Cancellous Sponge, 10mmx10mmx10mm
DBM-121212SS: Demineralized Cancellous Sponge, 12mmx12mmx12mm
DBM-201505SS: Demineralized Cancellous Sponge, 20mmx15mmx5mm
DBM-201507SS: Demineralized Cancellous Sponge, 20mmx15mmx7mm
DBM-252007SS: Demineralized Cancellous Sponge, 25mmx20mmx7mm
DBM-301007SS: Demineralized Cancellous Sponge, 30mmx10mmx7mm
DBM-501007SS: Demineralized Cancellous Sponge, 50mmx10mmx7mm
DBM-502005SS: Demineralized Cancellous Sponge, 50mmx20mmx5mm
DBM-05SSF: Demineralized Cancellous Chips, 5cc
DBM-10SSF: Demineralized Cancellous Chips, 10cc
H-GENIN™ Demineralized Bone Matrix Powder
DBM-00: H-GENIN™ DBM Powder, 0.5cc
DBM-01: H-GENIN™ DBM Powder, 1.0cc
DBM-02: H-GENIN™ DBM Powder, 2.5cc
DBM-05: H-GENIN™ DBM Powder, 5.0cc
DBM-10: H-GENIN™ DBM Powder, 10.0cc

Bi-Ostetic Foam - Bi-Ostetic™ granules in a collagen matrix
BF1-50X10-01: Bi-Ostetic Foam™, 50mmx10mmx2mm 1cc (1 strip)
BF2-50X10-02: Bi-Ostetic Foam™, 50mmx10mmx2mm 2cc (2 strips)
BF2-50X10-05: Bi-Ostetic Foam™, 50mmx10mmx5mm 5cc (2 strips)
BF1-100X25-10: Bi-Ostetic Foam™, 100mmx25mmx4mm 10cc (2 strips)
BF2-50X25-10: Bi-Ostetic Foam™, 50mmx25mmx4mm 10cc (2 strips)
BF1-12D45-05: Bi-Ostetic Foam™, 12mm diameter x 45mm 5cc (1 cylinder)
BF1-15D57-10: Bi-Ostetic Foam™, 15mm diameter x 57mm 10cc (1 cylinder)

Bi-Ostetic™ Granules
BiO-01G: Bi-Ostetic™ (0.5-1.0mm), cancellous granules, 1cc
BiO-02G: Bi-Ostetic™ (0.5-1.0mm), cancellous granules, 2.5cc
BiO-05G: Bi-Ostetic™ (1-3mm), cancellous granules, 5cc
BiO-10G: Bi-Ostetic™ (1-3mm), cancellous granules, 10cc
BiO-15G: Bi-Ostetic™ (1-6mm), cancellous granules, 15cc
BiO-20G: Bi-Ostetic™ (1-6mm), cancellous granules, 20cc
BiO-30G: Bi-Ostetic™ (1-6mm), cancellous granules, 30cc

Cem-Ostetic® Putty
CemO-01P: Cem-Ostetic® bone putty, 1cc
CemO-02P: Cem-Ostetic® bone putty, 2.5cc
CemO-05P: Cem-Ostetic® bone putty, 5cc
CemO-10P: Cem-Ostetic® bone putty, 10cc
Cem-Ostetic® Granules
CemO-01G: Cem-Ostetic® (0.5-1.0mm), cancellous granules, 1cc
CemO-02G: Cem-Ostetic® (0.5-1.0mm), cancellous granules, 2.5cc
CemO-05G: Cem-Ostetic® (1-3mm), cancellous granules, 5cc
CemO-10G: Cem-Ostetic® (1-3mm), cancellous granules, 10cc
Human Cancellous Chips
CB-05G: 100% Human Allograft (1-4mm), Cancellous Bone Chips, 5cc
CB-15G: 100% Human Allograft (1-4mm), Cancellous Bone Chips, 15cc
CB-30G: 100% Human Allograft (1-4mm), Cancellous Bone Chips, 30cc
CB-60G: 100% Human Allograft (1-4mm), Cancellous Bone Chips, 60cc
CB410-05G: 100% Human Allograft (4-10mm), Cancellous Bone Chips, 5cc
CB410-15G: 100% Human Allograft (4-10mm), Cancellous Bone Chips, 15cc
CB410-30G: 100% Human Allograft (4-10mm), Cancellous Bone Chips, 30cc
CB410-60G: 100% Human Allograft (4-10mm), Cancellous Bone Chips, 60cc
DBM Putty and Crush-Mix (Donor Consent for International Release)
DBM-00P: DBM Putty, 0.5cc
DBM-01P: DBM Putty, 1.0cc
DBM-02P: DBM Putty, 2.5cc
DBM-05P: DBM Putty, 5.0cc
DBM-10P: DBM Putty, 10.0cc
DBM-00C: DBM Crush-Mix, 0.5cc
DBM-01C: DBM Crush-Mix, 1.0cc
DBM-02C: DBM Crush-Mix, 2.5cc
DBM-05C: DBM Crush-Mix, 5.0cc
DBM-10C: DBM Crush-Mix, 10.0cc

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