Cem-Ostetic® Case Studies

The following cases introduce the treatment using Cem-Ostetic® Putty and the postoperative results in patients from 13 to 78-year-old presenting bone defect, lesion or fractures.

Those cases demonstrate the potential for use of Cem-Ostetic® Putty as a bone graft substitute: excellent incorporation, consolidation and remodeling of Cem-Ostetic® Putty until full healing.


Case A2.
Repair of Distal Radius Fracture

Case A3.
Fill an Osteolytic Femoral Void in Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty

Case A4.
Augmentation of Ankle Fracture Fixation in Osteoporotic Bone

Case A5.
Treatment of Non-Ossifying Fibroma

Case A7.
Treatment of Fibrous Dysplasia

Case A8.
Repair of Metacarpal Bone Defects





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